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Thanks for taking the time to check out FlameTopGuitars.com. We trust that your curiosity has something to do with wood, strings and music!

FlameTopGuitars.com is not all about flametops .... but much of it is!! We have all-mahogany electrics, steel-body resonators, nice woody acoustics, and lots more. But mostly we have LOTS AND LOTS of flametops!! We are players and collectors, looking to experience fine guitars and basses from low-budget to top-of-the-line. You will sometimes find strange items here -- check to see if our bizarrely-beautiful Tokai Talbo (Tokai ALuminum BOdy) electric is still available -- but we also have plenty of mainstream instruments. You will find Les Pauls, PRS Custom 24s, Hamer Artists, and many more of those FlameTopGuitars we all love!!

Some of our instruments still bear hang tags and their original factory shine. Others have clearly been played long, hard and loud, and made friends with many sharp objects along the way. In either case we will always try to tell you the exact condition of the guitar. We understand that terms like mint condition or very good++ can mean different things to different people. Because of that, we go out of our way to not overgrade or oversell our instruments. When we describe a "barely-visible scratch" it is something that can only be seen upon close inspection or, perhaps, from very specific angles. When we describe "moderate belt-buckle rash" we are not talking about damage down to the bare wood -- we would describe that as "severe belt-buckle rash down to the bare wood". So if we tell you that a guitar has "a lot of small scratches" you can be confident that we are not talking about gouges, exposed bare wood, or wide gashes in the finish!

So please enjoy your visit to our site. Spend as much time as you like, and if you see something you can't live without please let us know! We are not trying to get rich, but we do hope to offset our costs so we can keep operating this web site and offering you great instruments. We will keep adding guitars, accessories and information as we go. The site debuts online on Dec. 1, 2004, so please bear with us in the early stages as we load up the database and photo galleries. Soon there will be much for you to enjoy -- especially all of those gorgeous FlameTopGuitars!!

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